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Art Hotel Gran Paradiso

100 years, 100 rooms, 100 artist

Federculture & Art Hotel Gran Paradiso

L'arte all'Art Hotel Gran Paradiso non si femra mai: le nuove camere d'artista sono già in corso di allestimento grazie anche alla preziosa collaborazione di Federculture di cui l'Art Hotel è partner. L'incontro tra Art Hotel e Federcultura ha reso possibile l'esposizione nelle stanze dell'hotel di alcuni dei migliori artisti del panorama mondiale, tra cui i vincitori del concorso Federculture Centro-periferia e che saranno i protagonisti della prossima edizione di 100³.

Ecco alcuni dei nomi in mostra: Yael Duval, Andrey Abramov, Dario Ballantini, Veronica Vierin, Ekaterina Maximova.
Yael Duval, stanza 416

Winners of 2014 edition of 100³: 100 years, 100 rooms, 100 artists

Breaking news at the end of the 2014 edition of the exhibition 100³: 100 years, 100 rooms, 100 artists, that took place at Art Hotel Gran Paradiso in Sorrento.

For the first time in the history of the exhibition these is not just a winner but two! The artists who got the same number of votes by a public of art lovers are Carla Viparelli and Salvatore Manzi, who set up the rooms 105 and 402. 

Here again for you to admire again  the images of the winners' works of art. We remind you we are at work for the 2015 edition...thank you and we're waiting for you with interesting news
Carla Viparelli, stanza 105
Salvatore Manzi, stanza 402

Art Hotel Gran Paradiso is proud to announce the opening of the hotel’s 2013 season and more importantly, a new edition of its artistic activities. The hotel’s unique mission aims to bring all of its guests – many of whom have never had the pleasure of living and sleeping with an artwork in their bedroom – closer to the world of art and culture. While the most frequently repeated word in Italy iscrisis, this innovative hotel in Sorrento puts forward a creative emblem of hope: that of a powerful synergy between private business and the art world, so that new creative energies will bring us to see a light at the end of the tunnel

100³ : 100 years, 100 rooms, 100 artists encompasses the far-sighted ambition of creating a point of reference for art and culture in the Campania region, with an annual program of exhibitions and activities and a direct dialogue between participating visitors and protagonists in the International art world. In fact, the opening of the 2013 edition will be an unmissable, week-end long exchange between the artists, gallerists and art critics invited to contribute their exceptional vision to the small solo shows installed in each room. In a day far removed from quotidian reality, a carom of Art, Music and Poetry, with Dionysian muses accompanied by Bacchae, satyrs, wine and delicacies will unfold.

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From May 1st 2013 for commercial reasons the min. age is 15 years old.

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